Otoplasty is normally used to correct prominent ears or ears protruding. Both childhood and adolescence are critical periods in which character is forged and important complexes occur. One of the most common aesthetic problems are the glue ears, which often cause difficulties in social relations among other alterations. Aesthetic ear surgery, which is one of the few interventions that takes place in adolescents, as well as in adults, and attempts to solve this aesthetic with a simple procedure that corrects the alteration in the position and shape of the ears.

Duration of the intervention

The duration of this technique varies between 1 and 2 hours although it may vary depending on the complexity of the intervention.

Description of the technique

It consists of a surgical procedure that is carried out using local anesthesia, or local anesthesia more sedation. Normally for children under 12 years old often used general anesthesia. It requires the admission of the person, although it usually receives the high hours later after the intervention.

Recovery period

During the post-surgery of about 2 weeks should be the hair Ribbon and points are usually removed for 2 weeks.

The patient can make a life standard 3 day, although with excessive care. You can go back to his routine last a week or 10 days.