The labiaplasty is an intimate facelift aimed at rejuvenation of the female genitals using various techniques. The most common intervention is labioplasty of reduction or labia PLASTY, which reduces the size of the labia minora of the female genitalia. It occurs in women for congenital reasons or by the passage of time, with excessively large, asymmetrical or hanging labia.

Duration of the intervention

The duration of this technique varies between hour and half to two hours. This type of surgical procedure is carried out usually by local anesthesia more sedation. Hospitalization is not required.

Description of the technique

The labia minora are placed within the vulva, protected by the labia majora. Their size, shape, symmetry and color vary in each woman and are normally hidden behind the labia unless present excessive length and thickness, excelling and causing certain now not only aesthetic problems. In this cases labiaplasty surgery basically consists of cutting the excess tissue that protrudes and shaping the remaining.

During the intervention of reduction labiaplasty withdraws the excess fatty tissue and mucosa that produces hypertrophy and removes excess skin to get a nice, rejuvenated look.

Recovery period

Recovery is immediate and the patient can return to daily life the next day.