Increase of buttocks

There are different techniques to improve the shape and volume of the buttocks, as the placement of implants, liposuction or lipofilling.

If you require a moderate increase of Autogenous fat infiltration may be the best solution. If the surgeon is required one greater increase can you recommend the placement of prosthesis. In any case you must Access the infiltration of substances such as biopolymers, and hyaluronic acid which can cause problems.

Description of the technique

Buttock implants have all the necessary certifications and adapt perfectly to the body contouring of the patients in the most natural way and they can hardly be detected visually or by touch. For buttock implants have been manufactured especially for the conditions of greater strength and consistency which requires the gluteal area. There are different types of prosthesis, round or oval, high or low profile, to adapt to the specific needs of each patient.