Elevation of breasts


Mastopexy is a surgical intervention that is to raise and improve the form of sagging breasts. Over the years, after pregnancy or breastfeeding, MOM tends to fall. If the breast in addition to fall has lost volume is usually accompanied the Mastopexy for breast augmentations through the implant a prosthesis.

Duration of the intervention

Breast lift is usually done under general anesthesia. Its approximate duration does not exceed the two or three hours. Hospitalization is required even though the patient may receive discharge in the same day or 24/48 hours after the procedure.

Description of the technique

In the majority of cases, this intervention is performed through an incision circulate around the areola extended by a vertical incision until the submammary furrow. In other cases, considering factors such as age, excessive volume and degree of fall of the breast, an incision that cuts horizontally in the submammary furrow, and tends to stay inconspicuous because MOM rests on this.

Recovery period

During the first weeks the sensitivity of areola will be reduced, but this will gradually sending and retrieving a normal sensitivity.

Sutures are removed at eight days approximately to guided healing treatment. There is always scarring after this type of interventions, but if the scars are cared for properly, with the passage of time they appreciate less.

The return to normal is around 48 – 72 hours. It is recommended during this time and until after about 3 – 4 weeks the patient do not make great efforts as well as limited physical exercise to a full recovery.