Dermolipectomy or stretching of legs and arms, is a surgical procedure that allows you to remove the skin and fat located in the internal faces of the arms and thighs, reaffirm the sagging areas and thus improve the contours of these areas. Over the years, or a sudden loss of weight can produce a noticeable loss of elasticity of the skin on the inside of the extremities that produces an unsightly sagging of the skin.

Dermolipectomy applied to the area of the thighs is called crural dermolipectomy and is the technique of pull the skin of the thighs in superior and medial sense to improve the sagging and the volume of them.
For his part, dermolipectomy of arms is called brachial dermolipectomy and is performed to remove excess fat and skin that usually appears on the inner side of the arms after a significant loss of weight or the natural loosening of the tissues by the passage of time.

Duration of the intervention

The type of anesthesia used for this kind of intervention is general. The duration of this surgical technique may vary depending on the complexity of the intervention, but tends to be around the 2 or 3 hours. Stretching of legs or arms are interventions that require hospital admission that varies between 24 to 48 hours.

Recovery period

It is advisable to leave the consumption of tobacco or a reduction of the same weeks before intervention, since this influences positively on the Vascularity of tissues and helps a better healing.

The return to normality can be around 3-4 weeks, depending on the previous physical state of the person. It is highly recommended around this time that the patient gently start the exercise.