Abdominoplasty is a surgical technique that is responsible for removing excess skin and abdominal fat, tone up the trunk and waist, restoring the position of the muscles. The aim is to leave a flat and firm, abdomen after loss of waist by pregnancies, gain or significant weight loss or aging. The result cannot be achieved with exercise or diets.

Duration of the intervention

The type of anesthesia used for this kind of intervention is general. Interventions such as mini-Abdominoplasty may be used local anesthesia more sedation, thus leaving the abdominal area numb.

The duration of this surgical technique may vary depending on the complexity of the intervention, but tends to be around the 2 or 3 hours. The Tummy Tuck or mini-Abdominoplasty are interventions that require hospital admission that varies between 24 to 48 hours.

Description of the technique

This intervention is made through an incision in the abdominal area from the iliac spine right upper anterior to the left, above the pubis, so, let scar hidden by the bathing suit or underwear.

Recovery period

Post-operative, it is recommended that the patient will start to walk as soon as possible but not realize sport until weeks after. We generally do not allow external spots on the skin, all suture is done inside, and can meet some place that will be removed around 2 weeks. Internal suture is absorbable in an approximate time of 2-3 months, enough time for healing has started. The bandage will be replaced by an abdominal belt that must be used for at least one month as long as possible, and can be removed for grooming and promptly for a few hours.

It is advisable to leave the consumption of tobacco or a reduction of the same weeks before intervention, since this influences positively on the Vascularity of tissues and helps a better healing.

The return to normality can be around 3-4 weeks, depending on the previous physical state of the person. It is highly recommended around this time that the patient gently start the exercise.